Abraham Lincoln
by Eliza Mandel

In 1809, there once lived a man named Abraham Lincoln. When he got older he grew smart, fast, and tall. He lived in a log cabin. His hard times were when he planted pumpkin seeds and the rain washed them away. His mother died when he was nine, and he almost drowned in a flood. After that they moved to Illinois. They had to go 100 miles. When he was much older he married Mary Todd. In 1846 he was elected to the USA House of Representatives. Then in 1858 Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln debated slavery. In November 6 he was President of the United States. Finally in November 8 he was elected President again. In 1856 the South was very very angry at Abraham because of slavery. So in his own box in the Ford's Theater he got shot by John Wilkes Booth and he was on the side of the South. So finally then in 1865 Abraham Lincoln unfortunately died in Washington, D.C.

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