Eliza loves getting cards and gifts, and has learned to provide adequate positive reinforcement to the gift-giver (actually, this appears to be perfectly genuine behavior).  Here are a few snapshots of her reaction to her booty from her 11th birthday.

  A simple card from her parents (not even a check in there!)

  Excitement about the whole idea of getting things for free

  A birthday card from Grandma!

  A little card that came with a yet-to-be-opened gift!  So exciting!

  In shock over a box of chocolates from Grandma and Poppa!

A wig to wear and cut to shreds!

  A nightmare-inducing head to put wigs on in preparation for cutting to shreds!

  A tube of peach cream!

  Melting with pleasure against a box of cherry licorice!

   Delight at an unknown gift or card!

  A sparkle wand!  What could be better!

  Joy from the sparkle wand has overcome Eliza!

Phoning folks to share the exhilarating experience!

  At a birthday party days later...it's kulats and kudos!

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

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